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bullet CD Wizzard (CD Wizard) 4.61 - Audio CD Player - Win95 WinNT4.0
This new version 4.xx has all the features of our very successful 3.xx version but, was completely rewritten for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It will fully integrate into the shell and places an icon on the tray. Self install program.  Just run the program and it will install CD Wizzard.   It also includes a Win95 style uninstall program and will even find the program on your computer to upgrade it!CD Wizzard now includes printing and has an import function to import disc data from other programs. Now include the ability to download track and disc names from the internet, no more typing! Also includes a full spectrum analyzer that really works, not just blinking lights!
bullet CD Wizzard (CD Wizard) 3.12 - Audio CD Player - Win3.1
CD Wizzard CD Audio Player for Windows has all the functions of a home CD player plus many, many more! It saves the disc and tracks names in its database. CD Wizzard has a full 3D look that is totally customizable. In icon mode, the icon is updated with the disc and track time. There is a full help file that describes all features of CD Wizzard. Must try this one!!
bullet BFM Casino - Complete Casino Game Package
This game package includes 10 popular casino games. The games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, CaribbeanPoker, DrawAndRidePoker, LetItRidePoker, VideoPoker, Roulette, and SlotMachine. Below are all the versions for your devices.  Please select the version(s) you wish to install.  They all are self-installing EXE's that will install the correct version for the CPU in your device or PC.
Handheld PC Version - WinCE 1.0
Handheld PC Version - WinCE 2.0 - Color
Palm-sized PC Version - WinCE 2.01
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Version
bullet Win Slot - Windows Slot Machine Game - Win3.1 Win95 WinNT4.0
This game simulates a real slot machine. It includes sound effects and great graphics. It even includes a wheel and payoff editor so you can create better odds for winning!
bullet Dino Slot - Windows Dinosaur Slot Machine Game (for Kids) - Win3.1 Win95 WinNT4.0
Dino Slot Dinosaur Slot Machine has the complete look and feel of a real slot machine. Plus all the graphics of dinosaurs. This is a great game for kids. This game includes complete digital sound effects and great graphics. There are payoff and wheel editors that allow you to change the odds of payoffs. A Dino Quiz has Dino trivial.
bullet Win Trek - Windows Star Trek Clone type Game - Win3.1 Win95 WinNT4.0
This is the original Startrek game for Windows. This game is designed for Windows. It is not just another port of the old startrek game. It has a lot of graphics, animation, and sound effects. It uses multiple playing windows with interact with each other. This game is very involved and has three skill levels.
bullet Win Battle - Windows Battlestar Galactica clone type Game - Win3.1 Win95 WinNT4.0
This is a game based on Battlestar Galactica. The look is the same as our very successful Win Trek game.
bullet Win Pelvis-n-Space - Windows Pelvis kidnapped by aliens Game - Win3.1 Win95 WinNT4.0
We would like to inform you that Elvis is definitely still alive! Rather, he was taken from us by little green creatures, most commonly known as "aliens." Elvis has been kidnapped by ALIENS!! Lisa Marie initiated the building of the X63 interstellar cruiser that will send you on the mission to bring her father home. This game includes a large amount of graphics, animation, and sound effects.

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